Bottling Process

The key of success and sustainability of our company is due to our basic activity rules: quality, service, flexibility and responsibility.

We have designed adequate solutions for the packaging of our oil bottles, so they are filled, plugged and automatically labeled. All our teams and resources are devoted to ensure compliance, traceability, hygiene and quality products, upstream and downstream, since the receipt of raw materials to the shipping of finished products.

Indeed, we established such as a production chains to meet the requirements of our customers. In addition, our production capacity of olive oil and vegetable oils exceeds respectively:

  • 70 tonnes per day for the olive oil.
  • 200 tonnes per day for the vegetable oil
 Bottling of the production line of Prima Huiles

Bottling of the production line of Prima Huiles

 Bottling of the production line of Prima Huiles

Bottling of the production line of Prima Huiles

In order to align and adjust to the needs of the market and our customers, we designed a very flexible process oil production and bottling lines, with a large productive capacity and ease of use and a speed changing of formats. Therefore, we are able to adapt the container to any type of packaging.

All the components production line are under automatic control, to ensure the adjustment of all production details.

Our production team are skilled and highly trained to ensure the monitoring, the safety and the quality of the products throughout the manufacturing process.

Packaging range

A whole set of bottling machines process with a variety of packaging range:

  • Glass bottles
  • PET food plastic bottles, manufactured on site.
  • Polyethylene food bottles,
  • Food metal cans (250ml-500ml-750ml-1L) used for the packaging of high quality vegetable oils.
  • Nous réalisons des analyses dans le laboratoire accrédité et agrée pour les analyses physicochimiques et organoleptiques de l'huile d'olive  et d’huiles vegétales ainsi que des tests inter laboratoires sont réalisés régulièrement dans le but d'amélioration des compétences
  • Chaque produit fini conditionnée est défini en fonction d'un numéro interne du (LOT) composé du N° de lot d'huile, le numéro de lot du récipient (bouteille, bidon, ...), le N° de lot du bouchon et le N° de lot de l'auxiliaire technologique de filtration en contact direct avec les produits finis

Quality control and traceability

Our laboratories observe, control and analyze all the materials located in the factory.

  • The controls are carried out upon receipt of the materials; through physical, chemical and microbiological checks, then during manufacturing, and just before the shipment of the finished products.
  • Our suppliers are our partners, so they are engaged to provide the necessary controls and thus comply with the standards applied by our company.
  • Self-checks are carried out by the production chain operators, in addition to those done by the quality control agents
  • At all levels, we set up a very strict policy regarding the release of materials and products, via authorizations through personalized stamps.
  • • All ours analyzes are carried out in accredited and approved physicochemical and organoleptic laboratory of olive oil and vegetable oils analyzes. In addition, inter-laboratory tests are regularly made in order to be in a continuous improvement and control.
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